Our values

We exist to live as God's family and share his transforming love and the good news of Jesus Christ with our families, friends, and neighbors. Our values serve as a path that continually guides us and keeps us on mission.

Gospel-Centered Living:
Jesus came to demonstrate that life with him is more fulfilling than any life lived apart from him. It's a life reconciled to God and in community with others. At The Gathering Church, everything begins with the gospel—the good news of who Jesus is and what he has done for us on the cross. We prioritize equipping parents and grandparents to lead and disciple their families and children, reflecting the transformative power of new life in Jesus.

Transformed Lives and Families:
Following Jesus leads to a life reconciled with God and others. At The Gathering Church, we ground everything in the gospel—Jesus' identity and his work on the cross. We focus on empowering parents and grandparents to guide and mentor their families, embodying the new life found in Jesus.

Transformed Community:
In Mark 3:31-35, Jesus redefines family as those who follow him. As followers of Jesus, we are members of God’s family, called to live in Gospel-Centered Community. This means more than attending worship; it means living a life of worship in community, particularly through participation in Life Groups. These groups gather weekly to share life, faith, and struggles, engaging in activities like eating together, praying together, and studying Scripture together. Our love for God and others compels us to care for our community, partnering with local churches and organizations to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors through service, giving, and support. We continuously pray for our neighbors and friends, inviting them into God’s family and journeying with them in their faith.

Multiply the People of God:
Jesus sent out his disciples with the message that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Matthew 9:35-38). We recognize God as the sovereign Lord over all things, already at work in the world. We join in his work and pray for more laborers to join us. This prayer is answered as God sends laborers from our community Life Groups and leaders, and through the planting of new churches every 3-5 years.